We are a group of Land Rover enthusiasts who use a lot of our spare time, improving, tinkering, fixing and using our vehicles. So we decided why not have a get together monthly where we can all meet up and have a chat together, organise trips out, Green Laning day/weekends, Off Roading,  and Tarmac Runs.

We are a friendly group of people from all walks of life so everybody is welcome to come along and join. We don't have Membership or joining fees, since when we set it up we wanted the Club to be for members run by members. If you or anybody you know wants to get involved with any part of the Club or our Events, you are more than welcome to drop by or Find us on Facebook.

We have a good set of guys who are the admins on the Facebook group who do it voluntary and keep the group flowing with Info, Items for sale, Events and so much more. We also do some interclub events were we organise events with other clubs and all meet up and spend either a day or a few hrs together doing various outings.

In 2019 an interclub event was Organised where we all met up for a 'Blackpool Illuminations Drive Through' with all our vehicles with fancy lights on. We were accompanied by over 50 Land Rovers of all makes and models and the we are hoping the next run will improve on this.

One of our admin members has a local business - Total Smart Solutions and at various times throughout the month we organise a meet up at his business premises and make full use of his tools and all work together helping each other out Fixing, Upgrading, or just having a Chat. NB: Last one there makes the brews ;)

We run a lot of events with another local club called Northern Monkeys 4x4, which are based around Preston/Blackpool area. When you get a min why not pop over to Facebook and have a nosey at their page or even give them a join. They are a great bunch of Guys and Gals who are always happy to say G'Day.

You can find our official Facebook page here: Lancashire Land Rover Club | Facebook

If you would like to know any more about the club pop over to the Contact page and drop us a message.