Who Are We?

Meet the People who run the Group.

Ok, so now you have found us, let's meet the people who started the Group. We are easy going and will be there if you need any help, all you need do is reach out. We are the members of LLRC who try and look after the Day to Day, making sure all members New and Existing, have somewhere to meet others who enjoy Land Rover Ownership as much as they do.

Lee - Lord Teflon
Lee - 'Lord Teflon'
Lee, started the group as it was difficult to get to other meets with family and work commitments. What started with a 'Few' members has grown to a group that people know and join. Working with other Clubs, Lee keeps the club growing and helps keep the fun in Laning.

Vinnie - 'Friar Tuck'

Vinnie has been around Land Rovers and Cars longer than most people have been out of Nappies. Quick to give a hand, or to show you how it's done, Vinnie is your go to guy for questions and help.

Johnny - Little John
Johnny - 'Little John'
Quick with a Cuppa and a Biscuit, if you need it, Johnny will do what he can to get it and help you get it fitted. Need somewhere to work on your Landy for a few hours, drop by Total Smart Solutions, put the kettle on, and you're sorted.

Derek - 'Field Marshall'
Derek is great with Maps and organises our days out. Whether you want a short run, long run, or a weekender, Derek will make sure you enjoy it.

Matt - 'Sparky'

Matt is a Commercial sparky by trade, but is good with a spanner, and will help with those little Electrical niggles. Just be sure to bring the Hob Nobs.

Leo - The Aussie
Leo - 'The Aussie'
That one mate who really needs to learn you have to wear shoes. Good for a laugh and makes a mean Brew.